Having spent the past few weeks as a volunteer at the ICC Champions Trophy it has really opened my eyes to the invaluable work of Saracens’ Pioneers.

It has been their hard work and commitment that has enabled the move to Allianz Park to be as successful and as smooth as possible.

One of the most pleasing aspects of Saracens’ new home is its friendly atmosphere, something that I believe the existence of the Pioneers has contributed to.

From the moment you walk in to the ground, there is a welcoming face on hand ready to answer any questions or point the way.

The Pioneers fit perfectly in to the wider ethos of Saracens, that it isn’t just about the rugby played on the field but the memories made off of it as well.

The concept of these Pioneers is much more of a family friendly idea than stewards, their role is not to dictate or enforce rules but to aid and assist those who have chosen to spend their afternoon at Allianz Park.

Their helpful and cheerful nature was made even more evident to me when trying to navigate through the ground during a spell on crutches, a few friendly words or smiling faces can really help to put someone at ease or make their day.

The pioneers extend this welcome regardless of the club an individual supports, something that is vital in ensuring that hostility is kept at bay, something that is not always found at other grounds around the Premiership.

The Pioneers have recently had their hard work recognised by the club, with an evening being held to celebrate their achievements so far.

During the event, captain Steve Borthwick spoke of his and the team’s appreciation of their commitment to the Saracens cause, however I do believe that the contribution of these individuals is recognised and admired by everyone.

My eyes have certainly become opened to the important role and often underestimated influence of the Pioneers and it is something that I hope others become more aware of and we continue to appreciate not only the role they play in the smooth running of Allianz Park but also the manner in which they do so.