Edgar Davids says he will not continue his playing career after being sent off against Salisbury City and believes referees in the Skrill Premier are targeting him and the Bees.

The Dutchman was shown his third red card in just eight league appearances this season as Barnet were beaten 2-1 by the Whites.

The Bees’ player/head coach spoke after the contest and stated he has lost the “fun” of playing.

Davids explained: “I think I know for definite now that the league is targeting Barnet.

“I don't know how many games we have played but there is weird decision making all the time.

“It is ridiculous, especially the first one (yellow card) because everyone can see I cleared the ball.

“That was an absolute disgrace. The other one for the red card was also a disgrace.

“I am a target but it is ok. I don't think I am going to play anymore because they are taking away the fun and I want the team to do well."

He added: “If you look at the red cards, some are definitely red cards and some are exaggerated.

“It is hard to complete our tasks when a lot of decisions are against you.”

When asked if Davids was serious about quitting, he replied: “The fun of playing in this league, I have just lost it.”