Barnet assistant coach Ulrich Landvreugd says there is a big chance Edgar Davids will continue playing for the Bees despite the Dutch midfielder claiming he would stop after being targeted by referees.

Davids was sent off for the third time this season during the 2-1 loss at Salisbury City on Saturday.

He received two debatable yellow cards and said he would stop playing because he was a target and referees were “taking the fun away”. He explained: “I think I know for definite now that the league is targeting Barnet.

“I don't know how many games we have played but there is weird decision making all the time.

“It is ridiculous, especially the first one (yellow card) because everyone can see I cleared the ball.

“That was an absolute disgrace. The other one for the red card was also a disgrace.

“I am a target but it is ok. I don't think I am going to play anymore because they are taking away the fun and I want the team to do well."

The Bees head coach was suspended for the New Year’s Day 2-1 defeat at Luton Town but took his place on the touchline.

Davids didn’t speak to the media after the contest but Landvreugd did and said the former Juventus midfielder could return to the Barnet side in the future.

He said: “Edgar felt, how it goes with the referees and the yellow cards, he wasn’t enjoying it anymore.

"He likes to play and enjoys the game but if it goes like that then he doesn’t have the passion to keep on going at the moment. But that is how he feels at the moment, so you never know.”

Landvreugd continued: “I don’t know (if he will play again) and it is down to how he feels.

"He likes the game but if he is not enjoying it because people are looking for him then there is the possibility that he stops. But there is also a big chance he will play again.”