Paul Fairclough admits time may have run out on Barnet’s Skrill Premier promotion challenge following the Bees' 3-1 home defeat against Dartford.

Goals from Jordan Roberts, Bradley Bubb and Mark Molesley cancelled out a first half equaliser from Barnet’s Mauro Vilhete.

It was hoped Edgar Davids’ departure as the Bees’ head coach on Saturday would spark Barnet’s failing bid for the play-offs into life but the players looked devoid of confidence against the Shots.

Fairclough was named interim manager on Monday and admitted he made mistakes, including changing Barnet's formation from 4-5-1 to 4-4-2.

He said: “I changed the system and changed what I believed was needed, which was an extra striker up top.

“But the team is so used to playing with three midfielders now that it was completely alien to them.”

He continued: “Time is running out fast (to reach the play-offs) and may have already run out, we don’t know that yet.

“Unless the team get themselves into gear it isn’t going to happen.”

Fairclough felt Barnet fell into “traps” against the Shots and was disappointed he wasn’t able to turn the Bees’ stuttering form around.

“They knew Barnet liked to play out from the back and laid traps for that,” Fairclough said.” In the first half we fell into those traps over and over again and couldn’t get out.

“So we started to play the ball long and we played very little football. The club have played more football in the last three games than we played tonight and I have got to take some responsibility for that.”

He added: “I didn’t feel I had a great effect on the players and I am disappointed with that. I think tonight was pretty much the same as we have been getting for the past month.

“I wouldn’t say there was a significant difference, it may have been a little bit worse due to me changing the shape.

“But it doesn’t matter about the shape, it is about the 11 players on the pitch and what they do. Whatever shape you throw at them, they should be able to do something with.

“The current group have to take a hard look at themselves and we have to take a hard look at ourselves and work out how to correct it.”