Barnet head coach Martin Allen says Ulrich Landvreugd and Dick Schreuder have been a “terrific help” since he returned to the club.

Landvreugd and Schreuder were in charge of the Bees first-team prior to Allen’s return and the Dutch duo remain at Barnet.

They are now working under the Bees boss as first-team coaches and Allen says both have helped him massively since he was put in charge.

He said: “They are both nice guys and it must have been difficult for both of them.

“They have worked very hard though and are decent men.

"They help me every day and it isn’t easy for them now I’ve come in because I have my way of doing things.

“I explained it to them and gave them the choice. They would fit in with me, work together and work with the squad to achieve our goal or they could go home.

“Within a second of being asked they both said they wanted to stay and be part of it. They’ve been a terrific help.”