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Floor Hockey is a team sport much like ice or field hockey however there is a big difference between the sports. Floor hockey is played on a flat, indoor floor surface like a gymnasium or sports hall.

Players will use sticks and attempt to shoot a puck into a goal defended by a goalie, like field hockey and ice hockey.  If you are a fan of floor hockey, you can visit this page to support your favourite team and wager on the latest hockey fixtures.

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How to Play Floor Hockey

Floor hockey is played with two teams, six players on each side. Each team has a goalie and five outfield players who work the puck or ball around and attempt to score in the opposing team’s goal.

The Rules of Floor Hockey

Floor hockey can be played with either a puck or a ball. Players are not allowed to kick, throw, or direct the puck with their bodies. In most cases, ice hockey rules apply to floor hockey games as well. However, due to players not wearing the safety equipment that ice hockey players do, floor hockey games are not as physical. Rough play can result in players being penalised.

Matches and Scoring

A game begins with a faceoff between two players with the official dropping the puck or ball between the two players’ sticks with each fighting for control. The players will attempt to pass the puck to a team mate or move it into position for an attack.

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The teams can score points by successfully shooting the puck into the opposing team’s goal. Goals can only be scored if the puck is shot into the goal with a player’s stick, goals are not awarded if they are kicked into the goal or if a puck deflects from a players’ foot or leg.


A team consists of six players: a goalie, two defenders, two forwards and a centre.

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A goalie can stop the puck with his/her hands, feet, or stick and they are the only position that can use parts of their bodies other than the stick to stop or move the puck.

A team’s defenders are not allowed to move past the halfway line, they are prevented from participating in their team’s attack. Meanwhile, forwards must remain in the attacking half and cannot enter the defensive end. Centres can move around the playing area and enter both the defensive and offensive ends.

Team Objectives

The offensive objective of floor hockey is to control the puck and attempt to score goals. Players move the puck by passing it around as they try to find an open shot at goal.

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Defences can play in two different ways: man to man or zone. Teams playing man to man defence pick an opposing player to mark and guard that player when not in possession of the puck. A zone defence occurs when a team defends areas rather than opposing players.

Floor hockey is an exciting, fast-paced game that resembles both ice and field hockey. Its simplicity makes it a game that is easy to learn and fun for players to participate in.