Twenty four young swimmers from Barnet Copthall Swimming Club participated in the National Age and Youth Swimming Championships in Sheffield, competing against the best young swimmers in Great Britain.

The youngsters acquitted themselves well, reaching almost 30 individual finals to be placed in the top ten in their age group for their given event in Great Britain. Madeleine Tichborne became 13-year-old national champion in the 1500 freestyle and was third in the overall competition, while Charlie Boldison won a silver medal in the 17and 18 year old 200m backstroke, despite only turning 17 during the competition.

The girls 11-13 year old team came eighth in the team competition. All the teams above them were county teams or clubs representing entire cities, such as Birmingham and Sheffield, not individual clubs.

Barnet Copthall swim coaches Rhys Gormley and Chris Green said: "Each year Barnet Copthall swimmers do extremely well against the best young swimmers from around Great Britain and this year was no exception. It is outstanding for so many of our swimmers to be among the top ten in the country in their given events and age group.

"We are proud that the combined results of the age group and youth national championships show that Barnet Copthall Swimming Club is the top London-based club."