Dropped kerbs and faded double yellow lines that catch out hundreds of drivers a year are “nothing more than a money spinner” for the council, according to drivers and shopkeepers in New Barnet.

Every day, drivers are issued with ticket offences for parking alongside two "unnoticeable" dropped kerbs in Western Parade, where faded yellow lines are barely visible.

Gil Exon is one driver who was left “confused and frustrated” after being hit with a £110 fine.

She said: “When cars are parking either side you can’t tell it’s a dropped kerb, and the yellow lines are so faded you can’t see them.

“The council obviously put the yellow lines there at some point for a reason, so they should repaint them to let people know you can’t park there.

“My father’s in a wheelchair and so I understand the need for dropped kerbs, but you wouldn’t recognise this as a dropped kerb unless you knew it was there.

“This is morally wrong and must damage local trade.  I wonder how many other people have been affected by what I believe to be the council's negligence and complacency.”

Andy Christofis, director of Cannon Flooring Ltd in Western Parade, told the Times Series he regularly sees drivers being issued with tickets for making the same mistake.

He said: “Every day I see between six and ten people being ticketed. They’re always taking pictures because they don’t realise why they’ve got a ticket – they simply don’t know it’s a dropped kerb.

“It’s nothing more than a money spinner for the council.

"There should be a white line or a sign saying it’s a dropped kerb and then it would stop people from parking there – but the council won’t do that because they’re getting money out of it.”

A council spokesman said the authority put the yellow lines there for a reason and therefore will consider whether to replace the faded markings with a single white line in order to make it clearer to drivers.