Two men from Hendon have been charged in connection with a phone scam targeting a woman in her 70s.

The victim, who lives in Rickmansworth, was called on Monday by a man claiming to be a representative from her bank who was investigating fraudulent activity on her account.

She was persuaded to disclose her account details and was directed to give her bank card to a courier, who was sent later to collect it.

Realising this might be part of a scam she contacted police.

Nijamur Rahman, 33, and 24-year-old Monsur Rahman, who both live in Ramsey Close, Hendon, were arrested on Monday on suspicion of fraud by false representation and have since been charged.

They were remanded in custody at Hatfield Remand Court yesterday.

Detective Constable Adam Bridges said: “We are continuing to make arrests and deal robustly with those who are involved with phone scams, especially as they target the vulnerable and elderly.”