Volunteers were given tips on how to improve climate change for people living in Kenya.

Charity CAFOD, which aims to tackle poverty and injustice across the world, invited people from its Barnet and Potters Bar group to hear more about its work.

They were told about the impact the changing climate is having on a community it works with in Kenya and told what they can do to lessen the effects both here and overseas.

Jack Elinas, of Lingholm Way, Barnet, who volunteers for CAFOD, said: “Climate Change is not just something which affects people in a single area, it’s a global problem.

“The damage that a changing climate could do is too great, we must act now to save future generations.”

Guest speaker Antony Mbandi, who works in Kenya, told the volunteers about how unpredictable rain and drought make it hard for people to grow food and access clean water.