Five High Barnet students will be presented with an award at HM Treasury today.

The students, from Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School, in High Street, will be given a Giving National Social Action Award for their work to raise awareness of childhood depression.

The students created a video about the issue to educate their peers about the signs and symptoms.

They have also spoken in assemblies and used social media to spread the word.

As part of their prize the students will also get the opportunity to spend nine days in India in February.

While they are in India they will witness the work that Raleigh International do in the country.

The students said: “When we were told that we had won the Giving Nation Video Award we were proud and speechless that all our hard work had paid off.

“We are so grateful for this unbelievable opportunity to experience a charity at work rather than just reading about it.  Thank you to everyone who is making this possible.”

The Giving Nation Social Action Awards brings together the best in young people’s giving and recognises schools and alternative education settings who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to charity and social action.

Giving Nation is a project run by the Citizenship Foundation, which is funded by the Cabinet Office, Santander and the Social Action Fund.

The programme challenges young people to give their time, effort and energy to support the causes they feel passionately about.