Hospital cuts have left doctors and staff working in “filthy” offices that have not been cleaned for more than a week.

Barnet Hospital has reduced its non-clinical cleaning contract from daily to weekly, leaving staff to work among overflowing bins and unsanitary toilets.

Staff based at Thames House, a three-floor office block at the Wellhouse Lane hospital, say toilets and kitchens have reached “disgusting” levels.

Soap dispensers in bathrooms have been empty for days, according to workers who say bins are overflowing “everywhere you look”.

The offices are used by doctors and their secretaries as well as dozens of administrative staff.

Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust, in charge of the building, revealed this morning that it has reduced the non-clinical cleaning contract to save costs.

Employees contacted the Times Series after becoming frustrated at a lack of action and answers from management despite repeated complaints in the past week.

One administrative worker, who did not want to be named, said: “It is disgusting – we haven’t seen any cleaners in over a week. It is mostly paper waste around the office but it’s whatever goes in the bin in the toilets and kitchens too.

“There have been emails going around asking what’s going on and asking managers to sort it out but nothing has happened and no-one has told us anything.”

The grim situation comes in the midst of growing uncertainty amongst staff, who have been told to expect numerous redundancies in the coming months.

The hospital trust announced in November it was considering axing 150 administrative jobs as it looks to cut some of its £32million annual bank and agency staff budget.

The decision led to the resignation of CEO Mark Easton, who stepped down one week after the announcement.

The source at Barnet Hospital said: “The situation with the cleaners is not helping morale – you’d think if they were going to get rid of us they would do it by interviews, not just put us off with things like this.

“The mood around the office is not good. It’s very unhygienic and not a nice environment to work in – it is infuriating.”

A representative from Barnet Hospital said the trust was dealing with “difficult financial challenges” in having to find £17million in efficiency savings this year.

A statement sent out by the trust said: “All areas of expenditure are being critically examined to help us reduce our costs without affecting patient care. This includes the cleaning contract for non-clinical areas. Patient areas remain unaffected by the change in contract.

“Following the concerns raised we will be taking immediate action to ensure the area is cleaned appropriately.”