Breakdancing schoolchildren picked up some fancy footwork as part of an initiative to keep them fit and healthy today.

Dance instructor Emma Groves put Cranbourne Primary School pupils through their paces in Potters Bar as she taught them the latest street dancing techniques.

Miss Groves, who runs Rhythmix Academy of Dance, is giving free lessons to schools across the borough in an attempt to promote healthy living.

She said: “After doing a dance fitness course in the summer I realised how important it is for children to be kept fit, especially to prevent diabetes.

“It’s important they do exercise and dancing’s a great way for them to have fun while keeping their weight down.

“I’ve danced since I was four-years-old and it’s not only kept me fit and healthy but I’ve made so many friends through doing it as well.”

The 20-year-old showed the children how to bust a move to songs by popular artists such as Taio Cruz and Olly Murs.

Nine-year-old Harris Young said: "I liked it because it made me feel cool." While eight-year-old Dennis Mortimore thought the dancing session was "awesome".