Reading Harry Potter inspired a 13-year-old from Barnet to write her first novel.

Zoe Jones, who lives in Darlands Drive, finished the fantasy novel Can You See Them Too? when she was just 12-years-old, and has just had the book published.

The book, which is set in London, follows the story of three young people who are brought together to help each other out of a terrible situation.

Zoe, a Mill Hill County High School Year 8 student, launched the book at the beginning of February and it is now on sale on Amazon.

She said: "I really enjoyed writing it. There were bits where I laughed and bits where I cried.

"Most of my friends are buying it and I am really excited to see how big it can get."

Zoe’s father, Nigel Jones, said: “She was inspired by JK Rowling and her works. Her English teacher has also been a huge inspiration.

“When Zoe said she had written a book we thought it would just be a short children’s book.

“My jaw hit the floor when I read it. It took us completely by surprise.”

He added: “I think she has ideas for another one already. I think she will want to write for a career but for now I don’t think she realises how good she is.”

Zoe, who attended Monkton Hadley Primary School has also written plays and is a keen actor.