Making a documentary about childhood depression has a group of schoolgirls a trip to India.

Five pupils from Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School set off to Mysore on Saturday as a reward for winning the Giving Nation’s 2012 G-Video competition.

The contest encouraged schoolchildren to create a video highlighting an issue of their choice.

The Queen Elizabeth pupils filmed themselves discussing childhood depression in their school assemblies, creating a Facebook page and performing a chant based on the topic.

Along with their teacher Gabriella Nocivelli, the girls will visit volunteers working with youth and sustainable development charity Raleigh International to help plan community projects.

Ms Nocivelli said: “The girls are especially aware this is a trip money cannot buy. They will have very little access to electricity, hardly any mobile phone access, no TV or computers. 

“They are actually bringing sketch books , packs of cards to play card games and are preparing to go to bed early.”