Barnet Homes has created a film to show how people living in the borough’s council homes will be affected by the national benefits changes.

The film entitled Benefits Changes – What You Need to Know, looks at new rules which will reduce housing benefit payments for hundreds of Barnet households from April 1.

It features a number of interviews with Barnet Homes’ staff along with resident Karen Hepper who moved into a smaller home through the social landlord’s Fresh Start downsizing scheme.

Barnet Homes chief executive Tracey Lees said: “We want to ensure that all of our residents know about and understand the effect that the government’s benefits changes will have on their lives.

“We pride ourselves on supporting residents to retain their tenancies and want to do everything possible to ensure that people do not start to default on their rent payments as a result of welfare reform.”

Information is also available at Barnet Homes website.