Schoolchildren have been using their artistic skills to promote the benefits of walking to school, using public transport and taking care on the road.

Pupils at Edgware Infant School have put up colourful posters around The Broadwalk Centre in Station Road demonstrating the need for pedestrians and drivers to improve their road safety skills.

They also entered a national competition to design a badge to reward children who walk to school, displaying a selection of their designs at the centre.

The school has its own travel plan which promotes sustainable transport such as walking and cycling, while reducing the number of cars on Barnet’s roads.

Travel plan co-ordinator Leila Harris said: “Promoting a healthier lifestyle is undoubtedly one of the most important and overarching messages a school strives to convey to pupils. 

“One of the most important ways of conveying the message of healthier lifestyles is ensuring the message has a real authenticity and we can do this by working alongside people in the community.”