A motorist fined for parking outside his house is “disappointed” after an independent adjudicator refused to waive the charge.

Aladdin Fatherazi, of Holders Hill Road, Hendon, parked his white BMW on the street during a match day at nearby Allianz Park Rugby Stadium.

Residents are required to display a special permit on their cars when a game is taking place - but he claimed he was unaware of the fixture on September 15.

The 61-year-old claims he applied for a permit from Barnet Council by post last June - but when he did not get a response he assumed the rules had changed.

When he was slapped with the £110 fine, he took the matter to an independent adjudicator, who ruled in the council’s favour.

Architect Mr Fatherazi said: “It’s astonishing. I’m furious I received the ticket in the first place. It’s quite clear I live here, so I don’t see what the problem is.

“I’m disappointed the adjudicator didn’t listen to me. It’s not my fault the council didn’t get back to me with a permit.”

After losing the appeal, Mr Fatherazi was sent a list of retrospective fixtures from June to November 2013 and is still awaiting a permit.

The father-of-one usually leaves his car in the drive, but chose to park on the street while the front of his house was being painted.

His story echoes that of the Walters family, of Flower Lane, Mill Hill, who were also ticketed for failing to display a permit on a match day - but in that instance the charge was waived.

He added: “It’s double standards with different rules for different people. It doesn’t seem fair at all. I genuinely thought I didn’t have to display a permit as I didn’t hear back from the council.”

Explaining his findings, adjudicator Gerald Styles said: “It seems to me he most certainly did know his road was the subject of special restrictions at the time.

“Any suggestion that a driver in the Fatherazi home could be genuinely ignorant of the new scheme is not plausible in any way.

“I have been shown a copy of a local newspaper report arising from a ticket given in a different road, where the council chose to cancel liability from considerations of good will. That cancellation does not perform as a precedent.

“Complaints about delay (in getting the permit) would not justify me in overturning the penalty charge.”