A lack of affordable housing and the condition of Barnet’s roads top a list of the biggest worries for people in the borough, new data shows.

A survey of 1,600 people found the two issues were the main concerns this year, both having increased from last year’s figures.

Carried out between August and October by an independent market research company, the annual survey asked people for their views on various services and life in the borough.

Asked which three things they were most concerned about, 31 per cent chose a shortage of affordable housing, up by six per cent on the previous year, while 30 per cent chose the state of the roads, an increase of four per cent.

Housing charity Shelter has in the past defined Barnet’s private sector rent prices as “extremely unaffordable” and figures show the average price to rent a two-bedroom home take about 56 per cent of the average take-home pay.

Crime was also identified by 31 per cent of people, an increase of one per cent on 2012.

The figures, published on December 20, are compared with similar surveys carried out across London.

Affordable housing was the only issue about which Barnet was significantly more concerned than the rest of the capital.

General satisfaction rates in terms of the areas people live remained on a similar level to last year's survey at 86 per cent.

Meanwhile, general satisfaction rates with Barnet Council increased by 11 per cent, with 74 per cent satisfied with how the council runs things and 76 per cent believing the council is doing a good job.