Figures show 81 per cent of residents are satisfied with Barnet’s new recycling system.

Barnet Borough Council’s research shows 41,610 of householders were ‘very or quite satisfied’ with the new service, which launched last year.

The door-knocking campaign took place from October 15 until December 14, to ensure people with queries about the new system had all the information needed.

Two per cent - 789 residents - complained via the survey, and 0.1 per cent were unhappy with the blue bin, 0.3 per cent with food waste recycling and 0.4 per cent with fortnightly green waste.

Last October, the Times Series ran a poll which showed 67 per cent took defiant stance against Barnet Borough Council’s new in-house recycling system.

Blue recycling bins and brown food waste bins and caddies to replace the blue and black recycling boxes were introduced on October 14.

Since the new service began,  the council has recycled on average 537 tonnes of recycling, and 144 tonnes of waste food a week – compared to an average of 380 tonnes of recycling a week with the old service and an estimated 200 tonnes of food waste each year.