Planning officers should consider the “upsurge of community spirit” when discussing plans to regenerate Cricklewood, according to a councillor.

There will be a public meeting about proposals to build on the Cricklewood Open Space at Hendon Town Hall next week after widespread opposition.

The plans form part of the £4billion Brent Cross regeneration, which was granted outline planning permission by Barnet Council three years ago.

But changes to the existing application have sparked a new meeting.

Amendments include plans to build a new pedestrian and cycle crossing over the Living Bridge, changing the layout of certain streets and moving a bus shelter.

Meeting rules usually dictate that only two people can speak - but ten will be allowed to give their views due to the size of the application.

Under the plans, the well-loved Cricklewood Green Space, opposite B&Q, could be destroyed to make way for new homes.

But in recent years, residents have rallied together to ensure the space is used to its full potential, using it for both summer and Christmas fetes.

Childs Hill Liberal Democrat councillor Jack Cohen said: “There has been an upsurge of community action in Cricklewood.

“The ground has been used to promote the community a lot recently. The planning officers must take into account this new community spirit and hunger for action.”

The Coalition for a Sustainable Brent Cross Cricklewood Development is now trying to get the council to make a U-turn on its original decision.

It is the biggest application in the history of north west London, with more than 7,500 homes planned.

More than 27,00 jobs will also be created in the huge new town centre with retail, dining, leisure and community facilities.

The meeting will be held on Thursday, January 30 at Hendon Town Hall, in The Burroughs from 7pm.