A paediatrician who treats the victims of car accidents is urging Barnet Borough Council to consider lowering the speed limit on a “hazardous” stretch of road.

Justin Daniels, of Manor View, Finchley, believes the limit on East End Road should be reduced from 30mph to 20mph and has vowed to fight his cause to the bitter end.

There are currently two primary schools and two high schools in the area, and children regularly get knocked down by cars during the busy rush hour.

He said: “My children walk to the bus stop to go to school and I worry about them every day. That shouldn’t be the case in the age we live in.

“Children can easily slip out of their parents' hands and run into the road for something - and by that point it’s too late.

“When it comes to our children, we can never be too careful. It’s a hazardous road and can be very dangerous.”

Father to three young boys, Dr Daniels has spent hours researching figures to support his claims.

Statistics show that between 2006 and 2011, there were 38 collisions, four child casualties, eight pedestrian casualties and two cyclist casualties on the road.

In 2009, Barnet had the highest number of road deaths out of all London boroughs, and the second highest number of accidents.

At 20mph, 2.5 per cent of accidents prove fatal - but at 30 mph more than 20 per cent of accidents result in death.

He added: “I'm pleased the council are looking into this. Just last week a little boy was injured by a car. Luckily he wasn’t badly hurt, but it was a scary reminder of what could be.

“As a paediatrician, I spend a lot of time in A&E. Injuries from people being hit by cars have tremendously devastating effects.

“We must take action before it is too late.”

Mothers in Barnet and Haringey have also launched the Walksafe petition, urging for a lower speed limit around Coppetts Wood Primary School, Friern Barnet, and Coldfall School, Muswell Hill.

Barnet Borough Council’s specially formed Task and Finish Group will spend the coming months examining the effects of similar schemes in other boroughs.

They will also study statistics on whether crashes and pedestrian injuries are reduced, and present its findings to the council’s cabinet committee in April.

Councillor Kate Salinger, chairman of the task and finish group, said: “There is a good deal of work to be done and it is very important that the council gets it right.

“Four petitions have been handed into council from people who live around certain schools in the borough asking that the area around each school be made a 20 mph limit area. We need to have a borough wide policy that works for all.”