A synagogue is holding three days of events to mark this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day.

The Finchley Reform Synagogue, in Fallow Court Avenue, is hosting students from a series of schools between Monday and Wednesday to mark the annual event.

Holocaust Memorial Day marks the liberation of Auschwitz Birkenau on January 27, 1945, and a series of workshops will be held in Finchley looking at the relevance of the Holocaust today.

A series of sessions with the Year 9 pupils will include talks from a Holocaust survivor, who will also answer questions from the teenagers.   

This year’s Holocaust Memorial Day has taken on the theme of journeys, marking the journeys of those who were transported to their deaths and those who escaped persecution.

A synagogue representative said: “We will learn of the journeys that people were forced to undertake, in fear of what would be found at the end.

“The events at Finchley Reform Synagogue bring us together with our neighbours, strengthen bonds of respect, and enable us to pledge to take a step towards creating a safer, better future.”