The council has promised to take “action as necessary” to help a children’s farm that was flooded after a pond burst its banks.

Belmont Children’s Farm in The Ridgeway, Mill Hill, has been forced to move animals away from the nearby pond which has expanded by three metres due to recent rainfall.

But staff were angered when both the Environment Agency and Barnet Borough Council failed to give them advice on how to manage the excess water.

The council has since said it is in contact with the farm and will take appropriate action.

A spokeswoman for the authority said: “The council is taking its role as a Lead Local Flood Authority seriously and is actively monitoring all potential flooding in the borough. It is monitoring all watercourses to ensure they are clear and not obstructing the flow of water.

“We will of course provide support to residents affected by flooding where these watercourses are our responsibility.”

The farm has moved several species of animals away from the pond, including alpacas, goats and deer.

The Environment Agency has said: “We are responsible for managing flood risk from main rivers and the sea. The flooding to the pond at Belmont Children’s farm is simply a result of rain falling on ground that is already saturated due to the high volumes of rainfall since December 2013.”