A father hopes his new business will help stamp out drink driving - after his best friend crashed his car and killed his passenger after a night of heavy drinking.

Mark Brown, of Longfield Avenue, Mill Hill, launched Let Me Drive after he was left horrified by the amount of alcohol-related car accidents on the roads.

The company is similar to a taxi service, but pubgoers and clubbers who feel they have had one too many can call one of the firm’s employees to collect them and drive their car home.

In 2002, his best friend got behind the wheel of his car after despite being intoxicated - and ploughed his car into the road, killing his passenger.

The 32-year-old said: “It was horrific and a very hard time. It was a stupid decision to drink drive but it was a lesson learnt too late.

“In just a split second, he ruined his life. He went to jail for three years and came out without any job prospects, his life was essentially over. And he’s had to carry the guilt of killing his friend too.

“I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. It’s not safe, it’s a very stupid thing to do.”

He admits that in his younger years, he occasionally drink drove - but his friend’s accident gave him the shock he needed to stop the dangerous practice.

The company’s drivers arrive on scooters, which fold up and fit in the boot of the car, and all have full insurance to drive any car.

Father-of-three Mr Brown, who also works as a removal man, added: “People say they drive better when they’re drunk and they feel all bravado, but that’s stupid.

“You can’t take any risks. I don’t want anyone else to end up like my friend did - that’s why this business is so important to me.”

For more information, ring 0333 577 6007.