Drinkers sank putts instead of pints when they took part in a community golf tournament. 

The competition was hosted by Arkley Golf Club in Rowley Green Road and teams from 13 pubs in Arkley, Borehamwood, Totteridge and Chipperfield took part on Friday.

As well as Arkley pubs, teams from watering holes in Borehamwood, Totteridge and Chipperfield too part. 

They played on a nine-hole course, with players going round twice, teeing off from different positions.

Arkley member Kaz Donald and Arkley vice-captain Robert Lemon have been working on the idea for the competition since last Christmas and sent posters to pubs encouraging them to attend.

Mr Lemon said: “It’s the first one we’ve done and it’s unique to Hertfordshire.

“We’re doing it to make people aware of Arkley and we hope to make it an annual event.”

The tournament has been sponsored by brewery Greene King and the MDS Accident Repair Centre. The prizes will be trophies and beer.

Ms Donald said: “Pubs are still quite community spirited.

“They’re competitive as well. As soon as they hear about a rival pub competing, they’re keen to sign up. The competition is about bringing people together and having a fun day.”

A schools challenge will take place on April 1.

All local state schools and 16 independent schools have been invited to compete and Haberdasher’s Aske's Boys' School is sending a team.