Traders are backing a councillor's petition urging transport bosses to fix a “forgotten junction” where accidents happen almost every day.

Apex Corner, in Mill Hill, missed out on getting a portion of the £200million the Mayor of London is allocating to 33 of the capital’s most hazardous roads.

Mill Hill Circus and Brent Cross in Cricklewood, are two locations in Barnet which will be given a slice of the money later this year.

Last week, shopkeepers in the area told the Times Series cash should be spent on building a flyover to relieve traffic on the roundabout or installing traffic lights at Selvage Lane.

Hale ward councillor Hugh Rayner has condemned the decision and visited traders in the area with a petition to lend his support.

He said: “I am very disappointed to see Apex Corner missed out. Do they consider it a bridge too far? It’s unbelievable. It's a very hazardous place.

“It’s an intolerable situation and ignoring the problem is only going to make it worse. I visited the traders and we decided the petition is the best course of action.

“It’s a forgotten junction - so maybe our petition will make them take notice of it.”

Nathan Selva, who has owned Apex Corner Post Office for six years, said: “It’s crazy, the only thing we feel we can do now is launch a petition.

“It’s a nightmare with all the accidents that happen here. The road gets very blocked so we had no other choice. We had to do something.

“People have been happy to sign the petition, we’ve had a great response so far.”

The petition is available at Mr Selva’s post office.

Transport for London did not want to comment on the petition, but last week told the Times Series its entire road network is always under review.

Nigel Hardy, head of capital development, said: “Improvements are made where necessary, as was the case with Apex Corner in 2012.

“There are currently no plans for major changes at this roundabout, but all junctions are revisited periodically to ensure that funding is being prioritised to those places with the greatest need.”