Unbeaten British super-middleweight boxer Frank 'The Wise Guy' Buglioni has been busy prepping for his next fight by literally “chilling out” in Hendon.

The current holder of the WBO European Super Middleweight belt has been visiting the CryoClinic team at BMI The Garden Hospital where he cools off after training using the UK's only cryotherapy pod to aid his recovery.

Frank enters the pod in his bathing suit, with socks, gloves, mouth and ear protection, and the pod is cooled to a temperature of -100°C for three minutes.

The immediate effect of skin cooling and pain relief lasts for five minutes, but the release of endorphins can reduce pain and inflammation in some patients for many weeks.

Frank said: “As an athlete you learn to listen to your body and it’s important to be able to aid recovery, keep fit and return to peak condition as quickly as possible following a fight.

“For me whole body cryotherapy makes a massive difference to the speed at which I recover and my attitude during training. It’s not one single thing but after the treatment I feel pumped and ready to train.

“It has also helped with reducing swelling and pain I may have suffered during training which is a real benefit to me.”

Whole body cryotherapy originated in Japan in 1978, but was pioneered in Germany, in the 1980s, by Professor Reinhard Fricke as a way to relieve chronic pain and arthritis.

Frank is due to get in the ring for his next fight at the Copperbox this Saturday.