Anxious candidates have gathered at Allianz Park as the first election votes are being counted.

Barnet Borough Council’s Edgware ward was the first to begin its count this afternoon with Burnt Oak, Hendon and Oakleigh beginning shortly after.

But while some candidates were confident, others were more guarded.

Labour group leader Councillor Alison Moore said: "We had a fantastic team across Barnet yesterday and now we're waiting a result of the poll.

"It's all up to the voters - it's their votes that will decide the outcome."

Cllr Moore declined to comment further ahead of the results.

Labour candidate Dr Devra Kay, who is standing in West Hendon, said: “I just keep thinking about the wonderful things I can do for the area. I’ve got a vision, to bring it alive. We’ve got big plans for the people.

“For now, we just have to wait and see what happens.”

She also thanked Councillor Julie Johnson, for being her ‘mentor’.

In Hampstead Garden Suburb, Conservative Danny Seal said: “We think it could stay a Conservative borough. I’m confident about it.”

He estimates the election turnout to be around 30 per cent of residents, which he says shows “democracy is alive” in Barnet.

Liberal Democrat group leader Councillor Jack Cohen said there was a "good feeling" for his party among Barnet's electorate but that the national party's unpopularity could have an effect on votes.

He said: "We worked incredibly hard in this campaign and on the ground we had a good feeling talking to people.

"All of them said we were the only ones that did any work in Childs Hill but we have an unpopular national party. For many people that seems to influence their vote.

"We were also attacked by both Labour and the Conservatives. It will be very close."

Green Party candidate Poppy AM, standing in High Barnet, hopes to triple the party’s stronghold in the borough.

“I know it’s quite a tall order, but this may happen.

“I’m totally exhausted from the campaign, but I know I’ve done all I can.”

And UKIP’s Adrian Murray-Leonard – also standing in West Hendon – said: “It’s too early to say, but we’ve done well, I’m sure of it.”

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