Medical conditions could be diagnosed via internet chat room Skype, telephone calls or webcams under a new healthcare system.

Healthwatch Barnet hosted an event to give people the chance to find out what improvements will be made to health and social care services in the area.

Chaired by CommUNITY Barnet’s CEO Julie Pal, it looked at the highlights of Healthwatch Barnet’s first year.

According to bosses, the recent Royal Free Hospital’s acquisition of Barnet and Chase Farm Hospital will mean “improved clinical outcomes” for patients.

Katie Donlevey, director of integrated care at the Royal Free Hospital, told the meeting: “There will be a ‘one touch’ model in the first two years using different types of consultation involving Skype, telephone and web-based conversations.

“Cardiologists and respiratory clinicians have designed a community 'one touch' clinic offering all opinions and diagnostics in one day, enabling more than 80 per cent of patients to be discharged from the clinic with a diagnosis and a treatment plan.”

Under the Care Quality Commission, all services will receive an Ofsted-style rating and hold events to get up-to-date feedback from patients.

The audience asked questions relating to support for cares and the lengthy waiting times for appointments and responses to complaints.