Excitement is brewing at Hendon Town Hall this evening as the Colindale votes are counted.

The Colindale election had to be deferred just days before Barnet voters went to the polls on May 22 following the death of Green Party candidate Jessica Yorke.

Last month’s election saw Labour narrowly miss out on the chance to control the borough, with Conservatives topping the vote. Liberal Democrats currently have one councillor in Barnet.

Although the last count was somewhat more animated, tensions are certainly hotting up at Hendon Town Hall, in The Burroughs.

This election saw a turnout of just 27.8 per cent, meaning 3,210 people voted in the election.

Labour, Conservative, UK Independence, Green and Liberal Democrat candidates are crowding over the ballot tables, eager for some indication of how the vote is going.

Colindale has been a Labour ward since 1968 and councillors are remaining optimistic.

Labour leader Alison Moore told the Times Series: “If all three candidates are elected we'll have the largest Labour group in the history of Barnet - and I'd be proud to lead them.

"It's really exciting knowing despite the best efforts of the Tories, we could have a strong influence on the future of Barnet.

“We’ll use all our skills to battle for the people of Barnet.”

Conservative Councillor Mark Shooter, who currently represents people in Hendon, is supporting his colleagues at today’s election.

He said: “Colindale is an amazing place we can all be proud. It’s got a fantastic music festival, great facilities and developments.”

Liberal Democrat candidate Daniel Estermann, however, is not feeling hopeful.

He told the Times Series he believes his party’s drop in supporters is as a result of deputy prime minister Nick Clegg failing to keep his promise about raising tuition fees.

He said: “We’re not doing well at the moment. We’re a great party. We were here caring about the environment long before the Green party were.”

Results will be declared after 12.30am.

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