A volunteer who is fasting as part of the Muslim festival of Ramadan handed out chocolate fudge cakes on doorsteps in Barnet.

Aisha Desai, of Finchley, took part in Cakes4Syria to help raise money for people affected by conflict in the Middle Eastern country.

The 22-year-old has so far helped raise £6,705 with the cakes as part of the campaign, run by Islamic Relief’s Syria Appeal.

Ms Desai said: ““It’s important during Ramadan to keep active and continue as normal, so driving around delivering is a positive action.

“All the volunteers have a passion to help people in Syria, even though we don’t know the actual people the cakes are helping. We’re all so grateful to have our families safe and enough clothes and food. Here’s hoping the cakes bring relief and Cakes4Syria is bigger and better this year.”

Cakes4Syria has already delivered over 10,000 cakes around the country, raising over £50,000 for Syria.