A grandfather “could have been killed” after his car span out of control in the middle of a busy road and smashed into the front of a house.

The 80-year-old was driving his black Mini hatchback through Long Lane, Finchley, when he hit a parked Volkswagen Polo and skidded into the front porch of a house on the other side of the road.

One wheel sheared off and was thrown yards from where the car ended up, but it is not known whether this happened before the first crash or as a result of it.

The impact destroyed part of the wall of the front porch and wrecked the front of the man’s 2011-plate car.

Speaking from the scene of the crash, his daughter-in-law, who did not want to be named, said: “As it is, it is just a lump of metal and a wheel, but I feel sick at the thought that someone could have been walking down that road. He could have been killed. He is lucky to be alive.

“I’m amazed the wheel has managed to come off as I’ve never heard of anything like that before. I just don’t know what could have caused it.

“It’s bizarre. I think something must have happened to the car.”

The impact caused the house next door’s metal gate to break away from its hinges and shattered the flower pots in their front garden.

Nobody was home at the time and police are still trying to ascertain the circumstances surrounding what happened.

The driver is currently being treated at the Royal Free Hospital, in Hampstead for a sprained wrist and shock.

Although the man, who lives in East Finchley, was left shaken up during the incident his daughter-in-law said he has “always been a good driver”.

He worked as a stockbroker in central London until the age of 70, driving into the city every day.

His daughter added: “He isn’t like a usual 80-year-old, he is very trendy. He’s always been very careful in the car and kept it in immaculate condition.

“He absolutely loves driving but he feels very shaken up, so I hope this doesn’t knock his confidence.

“The whole family are really upset – but he's ok and so is everyone else. That’s the main thing.”