Barnet has been named the borough at the highest risk of burglary in London, according to new statistics.

Thieves are costing Barnet residents more than £7.5m each year, a higher cost than any other borough, with insurance costs alone racking up to around £124m throughout the capital.

According to data collected from the ONS and the Met Police, north London boroughs are at the highest risk, with Enfield, Brent and Haringey joining Barnet in the top 10.

Chief Superintendent Sean Wilson, who leads the Met’s burglary prevention operation, said: “Whilst London has seen a general reduction in burglaries and this is very good news, those who commit these crimes can be transient and so it is difficult to comment on burglary rates in specific boroughs.

“The Met and local authorities have heavily invested in MetTrace and other crime prevention techniques, such as targeting known offenders and known handlers of stolen goods, and this has all contributed to reduction of burglary.

“There has been a rise in burglary in some boroughs and we are working hard with the local authorities to prevent further burglaries in these areas.”

In the financial year 2016-2017 there have been just fewer than 20,000 home burglaries across London, with the number rising to 32,000 when including business addresses.

“Burglary is unacceptably high in Barnet. Regrettably this has been a long standing challenge here,” said Barnet MPS’ detective chief superintendent Simon Rose.

“We need to do more and the level is still far too high, however we are very focused on building on the reductions achieved and are very grateful for the assistance of Maureen West MBE, our Neighbourhood Watch coordinator, the Local Authority and Barnet Homes in helping us make this happen.”

Statistics from Barnet MPS show the third biggest reduction in offending in London at 16 per cent in the last 12 months, as well as a 30 per cent reduction over the last five years.