A “day of action” saw police officers sweeping Barnet to directly deal with violent crimes in Barnet.

Inspector Damian Southall led a group of officers from the borough’s neighbourhood policing team (NPT) on a sweep of the borough to make arrests and confiscate weapons.

During the day of action, one man was arrested for grievous bodily harm, having been wanted by police since New Year’s Eve.

A woman was also arrested on a charge of actual bodily harm in the process of ‘Operation Stella’, as the day was dubbed.

The operation also saw officers sweeping areas of interest around Barnet for weapons which had potentially been stowed away by gangs.

Any weapons found in easy-to-reach hiding places, where criminals can access them for use without carrying them on their person, were taken in by police.

Inspector Damian Southall said: “Barnet is a very safe place to live however where violent crimes are carried out, we are committed to finding the people responsible and bringing them to justice.”

Barnet police carry out several ‘days of action’ in order to track down people wanted for violent offences and prevent further offences from being committed.