Neighbours have warned of traffic and parking problems after a mosque asked to add a four-storey extension to its building.

But the mosque said the development is necessary for the growing congregation and will be an “iconic” structure.

The Islamic Association of North London, High Road, Finchley, has applied to Barnet Council for a four-storey extension to the front of the building, with a roof extension and extra car and cycle parking.

The association says there is an increased capacity at the mosque, which has been a fixture in the high street since the 1970s.

Some people have made objections online, citing traffic and parking as key concerns as well as saying the building will not be in keeping with others in High Road.

One objector, Betty Varnava of High Road, said: “When it’s prayer day on a Friday there is absolute chaos and pandemonium.”

Ms Varnava also said roads are blocked by queues going into the mosque and parking is monopolised, with some drivers doing U-turns on the road to find parking.

There are also fears that the larger building will not be in keeping with others along the road.

Trustee Nurul Alam said: “The proposed development is much needed to serve the local community and visitors to the area.

“The structure when built will add to the scene of the high street and the building will be an iconic structure to the locality.”

Mr Alam said the mosque hosted an MP surgery and opened for visits from primary and secondary schools.

He added the association conducted a transport survey as part of the process and entered a contract with Homebase to use their car park on Fridays.

He added: “We are an integral part of the diverse cultural and faith background of Barnet and contribute a great deal to the local community by way of our outreach and other programs.”

Members of the IANL held a consultation day with residents on April 1. The public can still comment on the application online.