A lounge for teenage cancer patients has opened at Barnet Hospital.

The specialist therapy lounge is kitted out with sofa chairs, an Xbox 360, a jukebox and wide screen television to help those going through chemotherapy to feel more at home.

Nicolae Lupu, 13, said: "I didn’t think that this is what a hospital room would look like.

"It is really colourful and the jukebox looks really cool."

The room was funded by the Joely Bear Appeal, who seek to improve hospital facilities for young people, and was organised by the Barnet Hospital Charity.

Times Series: Staff with the new jukebox

Jill De Gragg, play specialist at the hospital, said: "This is exactly what we wanted it to be like when we first started planning for it.

"The colours work really well and when the lights are off the light from the jukebox makes it very therapeutic.

"It is hard for teenagers to come to hospital and see so many changing environments, so to provide them with something which may make their stay here more enjoyable and familiar is great for their care."