Parents are no closer to getting answers about care for their disabled children.

The final decision on what will happen to Nascot Lawn Respite Centre was pushed back to Thursday, November 16.

However parents of the children who use the service have heard nothing from Hertfordshire County Council, Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group or care providers Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust.

Mother Satnam Kaur said: “We are caught in the middle of a war between these organisations.

“We are completely frustrated and angry about how this is still being handled.

“We are scared for the future, some parents cannot see a way forward.”

Her daughter Gurpreet Kaur, 14, is meant to have overnight care at Nascot Lawn four times a month, but is only scheduled for two nights in November, one night in December and one night in January.

The centre, which used to be open seven days a week is now closed on weekends.

The fate of Nascot Lawn will be decided by a panel in a private meeting, and although there will be witnesses, no parent will be there to hear the final outcome.

The decision to close the centre was announced in June as Herts Valleys CCG have been made to find £45 million ion savings by NHS England.

The CCG argues that providing relief care for parents is something that should be supported by the social services budget given to the council, and closing the centre would help them to save £600,000 a year.

At a public meeting in the Stanborough Centre, St Albans Road on Tuesday, October 17 Hertfordshire County Council Chief Executive John Wood and Cllr Teresa Heritage responsible for children’s services agreed they would deliver a proposal to the CCG for a jointly funded service by Monday , October 23.

However these plans will not be presented until Wednesday, November 15, meaning that parents will not be able to comment on whether the plans will provide adequate care for their children.

Mrs Kaur added: “For the people battling it out, this is their full-time job.

“For most of us, our job is to be full-time carers for our disabled children, and trying to look after any other children we may have in our spare time.

“We are using any moment of the day or night to find out information and challenge this.

“We want people to know the faces behind the problem.”

Watford MP Richatd Harrington will be discussing how the issue has been handled with CCG Chief Executive Kathryn Magson today.