UNION chiefs have called on central government to discipline those members of Barnet Council who do not reject their latest allowance rises.

Tory ministers and MPs have already criticised the decision voted on last week to increase the allowances of cabinet members by up to £20,000.

And leading members of Barnet Trade Unions Council (TUC), who organised a protest against the rises ahead of last Tuesday's meeting of the full council, have said the move will call in to question the integrity of the Conservative Party.

The TUC secretary, Austin Harney, said it was a “paradox” for Prime Minister David Cameron to be talking about riding out he economic crisis “together” while Barnet Tories are taking pay hikes.

Mr Harney said: “The Conservative Party should not hesitate to discipline their members on the cabinet of Barnet Council, and even threaten them with expulsion from the party if these Councillors do not forfeit their latest increases.

“The truth is that these Conservative councillors know that they can impose any policy to their whim and still become elected for every term of office.

“Yet, the fact remains that if they stood as independents tomorrow, they would easily lose. Sadly, these councillors became elected on the fat of their party's bankrolling election machine.”

He claimed the Conservative group displayed “arrogance as they gloated against all the criticism” after the vote was carried last week.

In a letter to the Times-Series, Mr Harney added: “I call on all people working and living in the London Borough of Barnet to petition their three Conservative MPs and demand that these councillors withdraw their preposterous increases or face expulsion from the Tory Party.

“No doubt, the actions of "Easy" Barnet Council will be a testing time for David Cameron and the rest of his central government.”