COUNCIL workers could go on strike after being told they face redundancies and an overtime pay freeze, despite top councillors taking thousands more in allowances.

More than 90 members of the Street Scene Department were told by a top council officer they face the prospect of no more overtime, a week after cabinet members awarded themselves a pay increase.

Many workers in the department, which deals with everything from flytipping to graffiti, fear for the future after seeing their take-home pay reduced to a basic £900 per month, without the option of working extra hours.

The latest move comes against a background of austerity measures across the country, with Barnet Council leader Lynne Hillan saying she expects every budget to be cut by 25 per cent.

One worker, who asked not to be named, said the decision had left the department debating whether to take strike action.

He told the Times Series: “Everyone is absolutely fuming, we feel like they're completely taking the mickey.

“These councillors have given themselves a huge pay hike for a part time job, cash which would keep a lot of hard-working front line workers in a job.

“Without overtime I'm seeing my pay go from £1,800 to less than £900. I've got a family to support and there's no way you can do that in London on this type of wage.

"It would be a bit easier to take if councillors weren't getting a pay rise. How can they really think they are worth that type of money?”

Another angry council employee said: “This council used to be one of the best in London, but things are really going downhill.

“I don't know how this director had the nerve to stand there and tell us we needed to save tens of thousands this year when she could do it by cutting their pay.

“We're worried the council is trying to force us to quit because they're not paying a living wage. I'm probably going to lose my flat over this.”

A statement from Barnet Council said: “The council has held a series of staff meetings over the last few months highlighting how the current financial climate is likely to affect services in the future.

“These discussions have taken place right across the council with members of staff contributing many ideas.”

The council also confirmed that all employees who have contracted overtime will continue to get this.