As Barnet Council pledged its support of keeping the Bees in the borough last night, one young supporter has been taking action to keep his side at Underhill.

Josh Ilan is 15 years old and the man behind an online petition to keep Barnet Football Club at Underhill, which has so far garnered 2,000 signatures.

He said the council needs to take more action and not just talk about the good work that the club is doing in the borough.

He said: “I was inspired to start the petition after hearing that we could be forced out of Underhill and having to move ground or possibly ground share, so I wanted to do something which could hopefully make a difference and allow us to stay there.

“Although I am only 15 years old, my ambition is to be a football journalist and I already write for and blog on many football sites, so I hoped by using my persuasive writing I could encourage people to sign the petition.”

At last night's full council meeting, the chamber voted through a motion to reiterate its support for the club.

The motion states: "Council asks the leader of the council to meet with the chairman of the club with a view to resolving any differences that are perceived to exist between the council and the club.

"To secure both a short and long term future for the club at Underhill."

The passed motion did not retain an assurance that the site be secured for future use as a community sports facility, as moved by Labour Councillor Anne Hutton.

In December 2011, Barnet FC chairman Tony Kleanthous cited circumstances beyond his control when he told supporters via the club's website that the club was set to leave Underhill.

Mr Kleanthous said Underhill was not an appropriate site and was only holding the club back.

But young Mr Ilan disagrees: “Staying at Underhill is the ideal solution and even though Tony Kleanthous has stated that the ground needs vast improvements, I feel that there are no immediate improvements that need to be made as long as Barnet secure their future at Underhill.”

Mr Ilan said the affordable price of matches and atmosphere of the local games is what drew him to the club over the premiership league teams.

He said: “Having been a supporter of a Premier League team before, I enjoyed the feeling and the atmosphere of supporting a smaller side as I felt more involved and closer to the game."