A memorial bench for late Finchley legend Horace White could be installed during improvement works in the area, according to Barnet Council.

An online petition has gathered nearly 6,000 web signatures in support of the proposal, though the local authority says it has not been approached officially.

Popular Horace died aged 54 after collapsing outside the Whittington Hospital, in Archway, on Monday, September 24.

His death prompted an outpouring from the Finchley community, in which he was well known.

If a hard copy of the petition is handed to Barnet Council, the matter could be voted on by council members depending on the number of signatures.

Councillor David Longstaff, cabinet member resident engagement, said: “Horace was a well loved local character and a familiar face. I’ve probably seen Horace about once a week over the last 15 years and I think a memorial to this unfailingly cheerful man is a great idea.

“We are currently working on a major improvement in North Finchley as part of the Mayor’s Outer London Fund and I think incorporating a memorial to Horace could be a lovely tribute.”

Horace's funeral will take place today at 11.30am at the Islington Cemetery in High Road, East Finchley.