Middlesex University staff and students have created a range of modern day patron saints.

Led by Maggie Butt, deputy dean of art and design at the university, the team has created patron saints of sat-navs, looters, naps, eco-warriors and the un-cool to illustrate a new poetry book.

Images of the patron saints created by members of the university will be displayed at an exhibition in Poetry Cafe, Covent Garden, from October 29 until November 16.

Ms Butt said: "I am delighted by the sumptuous illustrations produced by the staff and students.

“They are inventive, surprising and full of variety. It is a great pleasure to be able to show them at the Poetry Cafe.”

The free exhibition will be open on Monday to Friday from 11am to 11pm and on Saturdays from 7pm until 11pm. The Poetry Cafe is closed on Sundays.