We are inundated with press releases and doctors’ advice about cutting back our intake of sodium as it can affect blood pressure and high salt levels are related to cardiovascular risks. Processed foods such as ready-made meals and even bread have more salt than is accepted for the daily requirement. However salt is essential not only to life but for good health. Intake varies according to age and lifestyle for example people with active lifestyles need to replenish more salt than others. Like oil, there are good sources and bad sources of salt.

Himalayan rose pink crystal rock salt falls into the category of good salt. It is unrefined and unpolluted, excellent to season food or as bath salts, contains minerals such as: iron, potassium and magnesium, additive free and is ready for use.

Another good salty experience is ‘Sea Salt’ which comes from evaporated seawater and contains minute amounts of magnesium, calcium and other minerals. It is more expensive than table salt and used in gourmet cooking and hand cooked crisps.

There also flavoured salts which are now available ~ lemon, smoked, oregano, garlic and rosemary which I recently purchased at a food fayre. These gourmet salts can be crumbled between your fingertips, sprinkled or used in grinders. All will enhance your cooking as well as trace minerals required for a healthy balanced diet.


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