Your letters:

Hunt for searchlight sites

10:21am Friday 18th November 2011

I am doing a project on Second World War searchlight sites, attempting to piece together all confirmed sites which were located in parks and recreation grounds.

Wrong time for traffic survey

10:20am Friday 18th November 2011

I am very angry once again with Barnet Council which in July, gave planning permission for Etz Chaim free school to open in the former Wyevale Garden Centre, Daws Lane, Mill Hill.

Let renovation plan begin

10:18am Friday 18th November 2011

Following another Remembrance Sunday our sentiments have naturally been focused on war memorials.

Get this show on the road

10:12am Friday 18th November 2011

I agree with Ted Kelly’s sentiments regarding Saracens’ plans to refurbish a dilapidated, old-fashioned stadium so that not only Saracens, but many other clubs, schools and members of the general public can use it all the year round, (‘An offer too good to miss, Your Views, October 6) The residents of Mill Hill should support this venture wholeheartedly.

MP took time to change mind

10:09am Friday 18th November 2011

It was interesting to read Matthew Offord criticising Saracens’ plans for the redevelopment of the Copthall stadium, (‘Second setback for Saracens stadium bid’, Times Series, November 10).

We’ll be trapped in our homes

10:08am Friday 18th November 2011

Claims that house sales have been lost as a result of the proposed major new waste plant at Pinkham Way should send a chill down the spines of everyone who lives within a couple of miles of the site. A couple planning to move to Berkshire said they lost their buyer — even though this buyer had agreed the deal — because of the plans.

No appetite for this procedure

10:07am Friday 18th November 2011

It is not only Temple Fortune traders who are losing business because of the draconian parking measures imposed by Barnet Council (‘The last straw’, Times Series, November 10).

Easy and vital to report loss

2:02pm Friday 11th November 2011

We would like to draw your readers’ attention to the need to report any theft, pilferage, loss of property and so on — however petty — from their home or vehicle.

Search for sister I never had

2:06pm Friday 11th November 2011

In 1946, during active service, as a Voluntary Aid Detachment nurse attached to the Army, my late mother gave birth to a daughter in July/September and she was adopted in Hendon.

Death knell for infant industry

2:09pm Friday 11th November 2011

On October 31, the Government announced the feed-in-tariff (FITs) for solar energy was to be cut by 50 per cent as of mid-December.

Pupils have to brave traffic

2:00pm Friday 11th November 2011

Every day I cycle to work past Hasmonean High School, in Holders Hill Road, Barnet.

Concerns over collection

1:58pm Friday 11th November 2011

When it closed Church Farmhouse Museum in March, Barnet Council assured us the museum and its collection would remain safe in its hands.

Tunnel vision is only answer

1:57pm Friday 11th November 2011

On Friday, November 4, Edgware was in gridlock yet again because of roadworks and it would be interesting over the coming year to see how often the road is dug up yet again.

Many families will be affected

1:56pm Friday 11th November 2011

Do all the tens of thousands of residents, living within a five-mile radius of Pinkham Wood, realise the risk of pollution and smells carried to their doorsteps is mitigated only by the direction of the wind?

System doesn’t help issue

1:11pm Friday 11th November 2011

I totally agree with Councillor Brian Coleman’s comments in response to a resident living in Woodside Park (‘No one should be spoken to like that’, Times Series, October 20).

Pollution scare disregarded

1:13pm Friday 11th November 2011

In supporting plans for the proposed waste plant in Pinkham Way, Friern Barnet, Barnet Council is showing the same blatant disregard for the wishes of a majority of residents in the area as it has done when introducing ‘pay by phone’ parking.

His qualities are admirable

1:10pm Friday 11th November 2011

I would like to take Mrs Rosalind Morgan to task concerning her remarks about Councillor Brian Coleman (‘Brian Coleman is top of my list’, Your Views, October 13).

Go online to support Doug

1:06pm Friday 11th November 2011

Thank you for featuring my story in your October 6 edition (‘Three wheels in the desert’, Times Series) about my 380-kilometre bike ride challenge as a disabled man trying to raise money for the charity Norwood.

Changes must be made now

11:52am Friday 21st October 2011

Victoria Park in North Finchley is one of the treasures handed down to Barnet citizens. However, the No Cycling signs are out of date and the problem arises when people cycle fast on the same path as pedestrians, putting both young children and the elderly at risk.

Volunteers make a real difference

11:37am Friday 21st October 2011

With the UK facing further impending cuts, Contact the Elderly is calling on Times Series readers to spare some time helping lonely older people, whose level of social contact is being affected by the depletion of services and rising costs in the standard of living.

Wake up and face reality

11:35am Friday 21st October 2011

As a UNISON member, Barnet Council employee and resident, I stand by and defend the union in its action regarding the One Barnet Project, (‘Barnet Council disappointed by second strike’,, October 6).

Children need to be protected

11:30am Friday 21st October 2011

We are told thousands of children in England are being horrifically abused by gangs with current estimates saying up to 10,000 children could be affected by sexual abuse, although it is feared the true figure could be much higher.

Council trying to kill them off

10:59am Friday 21st October 2011

Councillor Brian Gordon (‘Wide range of the discussion’, Your Views, October 13) must have been at a different Hendon Area Forum to the one I and others attended. At the meeting, he started by saying he wanted to let people have their say, but continually interrupted from the very first minute.

Let’s get show on the road

10:53am Friday 21st October 2011

Regarding the Saracens plan to refurbish a dilapidated, old-fashioned stadium so not only Saracens Rugby Club, but many other clubs, schools and members of the public can use all the year round, is a venture the residents of Mill Hill should support wholeheartedly.

Brian Coleman is top of my list

10:02am Friday 14th October 2011

With the planned reduction in staff proposed by Barnet Council to save millions and the intended out-sourcing of planning, parking and other sevices, I ask why do we will still need so many councillors?

Such unity was a breath of fresh air

10:00am Friday 14th October 2011

After the longstanding and depressing news-diet of inflation, unemployment, hate crimes and death, my spirits soared on reading of the charity day in which members of Hindu, Jewish and Christian faiths combined to work together for charity (“Faiths united for charity day”, Times Series, September 29).

Sign petition for 20mph limit

9:59am Friday 14th October 2011

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond recently announced he wanted a big increase in 20mph speed limit zones in urban areas, along with his call for the motorway speed limit to rise to 80mph.

Remember the slim majority

9:57am Friday 14th October 2011

Regarding the letter ‘MP should not ignore concerns’, Your Views, October 6.

Customers for half a century

9:56am Friday 14th October 2011

May I enthusiastically follow Phil Colman’s letter (Still another garden centre in this area, Your Views, October 6)?

Wide range of the discussion

9:46am Friday 14th October 2011

Elizabeth R Lawrence (‘Democracy no longer exists’, Your Views, September 29) complains that Barnet Council’s Residents Forum system is in her view inadequate.

Why do wardens stay away?

9:44am Friday 14th October 2011

I would like to offer a contrary position regarding Barnet Council’s parking enforcement policies.

People trump party politics

9:41am Friday 14th October 2011

With reference to the letter “Democracy no longer exists” on planning and licensing issues in Barnet (Your Views, September 29).

Too many roads up at once

11:56am Friday 7th October 2011

The senior staff who planned the road works in and around Bounds Green should be ashamed of themselves. Those in vehicles trying to cross the A406 from any direction are having nightmare journeys.

Horticultural society saved the day

10:53am Friday 7th October 2011

With regard to your coverage of the Schools Young Gardeners Competition, (“Pupils harvest a victory", Times Series, September 29) When “Easy Barnet” Council decided not to fund Barnet in Bloom this year, Hendon Horticultural Society, which donated the original Schools Cup, decided to go ahead and run this section itself with support from Finchley Nurseries.

Still another garden centre in this area

10:52am Friday 7th October 2011

Jim Brightwell’s letter “So sad to see it close down”, Your Views, September 22, inferred Mill Hill Garden Centre was the only stockist of Fatsias in the area.

Call for review into increase

10:47am Friday 7th October 2011

I was shocked to discover our one-hour parking permits have gone up by 300 per cent and want Barnet Council to explain how it can justify such an increase in these tough economic times?

MP should not ignore concerns

10:46am Friday 7th October 2011

What does a constituent do about an MP who does not respond to correspondence in a timely fashion and fails to address the policy points raised?

Delight at outcome of my letter

10:42am Friday 7th October 2011

I recently wrote to you regarding the new parking controls at The Broadwalk shopping centre in Edgware and how my elderly neighbours had been threatened with bailiffs for not paying parking fines for stopping (not parking) in the approach roads to the centre (“Have others suffered this?” Your Views, September 15.) Following the publication of my letter, I was contacted by the centre management, the result being that all fines and threatened action has now been cancelled. It has also been explained to me why the new parking controls have been set up. Unfortunately, on this occasion there was an error with the issue of the fines and I am delighted to say the outcome has been very satisfactory.

Confrontation ends in violence

10:38am Friday 7th October 2011

Your report of the death and serious injury of three youths who pelted a bystander with eggs from their car and were then chased by the enraged victim in his own vehicle, failed to explain precisely what these blameless young men were doing driving around the streets late at night hurling eggs, and perhaps abuse, at passers-by (“Twelve-year sentence for killing teenager”, Times Series, September 29).

An offer too good to miss

10:31am Friday 7th October 2011

I am the chairman of Mill Hill Village Sports Club and have been involved with local football and cricket for more than 40 years.

All roadworks lead to chaos

10:29am Friday 7th October 2011

The senior staff who planned the roadworks in and around Bounds Green should be ashamed of themselves as drivers trying to cross the A406 from any direction are having nightmare journeys.

Help overcome planning issues

10:27am Friday 7th October 2011

I was saddened to read that we may lose the children’s farm at Belmont Farm (“Children’s farm forced to close after planning dispute”, September 28).


11:36am Friday 30th September 2011

For the second time in a few weeks, I’ve noticed paint in the brook that runs along the bottom of Friary Park and it seems someone is tipping their waste painting materials into the drain at the end of the day.

Lives destroyed by this drug

11:35am Friday 30th September 2011

I was quite saddened to see how many pro-cannabis comments there were following the recent article regarding the police closure of a drugs factory, “Police uncover colossal cannabis crop in Hendon”,

Broken system needs fixing

11:29am Friday 30th September 2011

Any of us at any time in our lives might need social care, and the recent Dilnot report on the funding for adult social care brought home an uncomfortable truth: chronic under-funding has left us with a system too broken to support people properly.

Democracy no longer exists

11:17am Friday 30th September 2011

Residents’ forums should be exactly that — a place for residents to challenge councillors and officers and where our views are listened to and complaints answered. However, now planning and licensing issues cannot be discussed and items having to be submitted before the meeting, the whole point of the forum is null and void.

I’m fed up with these leaflets

11:15am Friday 30th September 2011

This afternoon I went outside to get something from my car when I noticed a leaflet under the windscreen wiper. The leaflet had obviously been put on the screen while it was wet and, having since dried out, was stuck fast.

Arrogance of this leadership

11:14am Friday 30th September 2011

It is clear from the letters you publish every week that the residents of Barnet have the worst, most inefficient, uncaring local authority in London, perhaps the country.

Enforcement is not working

11:11am Friday 30th September 2011

Barnet Council needs to get a grip on parking in Barnet.

Help available to fight fines

11:10am Friday 30th September 2011

As so often happens readers are having to challenge Barnet Council regarding parking tickets (“It’s a disgrace”, Times Series, Thursday, September 22).

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