Transparently a ‘just war’

8:41am Friday 26th September 2014

Mr Keith Martin is seriously misinformed about the Falklands conflict of 1982 if he thinks it was an “illegal war” on Great Britain’s part (‘She was indeed a forceful lady’, Your Views, September 18).

Miscarriage of justice by panel

8:40am Friday 26th September 2014

Another simple and stupendous miscarriage of justice occurred on September 3 at Hendon Town Hall when a ‘leader’s panel’, conducted in public but adjudicated behind closed doors, determined that Barnet Mayor Councillor Hugh Rayner was not guilty of some offences related to his ethical duties to the council.

Cafés will need to up their game

8:37am Friday 26th September 2014

I read with interest the letter from the Green Party about the planning application to change the former Post Office in East Barnet Village into a coffee shop (‘We do not need any more cafés’, Your Views, September 18).

Borough is a success story

8:36am Friday 26th September 2014

In one short letter (‘All that is wrong starts right here’, Your Views, September 11), Morton Morris manages to complain that Barnet’s streets are “cart tracks” jammed with construction vehicles and rubbish trucks; that our police force is reduced to “one sole lady” on foot; that the streets are full of “lunatic” drivers during the day, and are no-go zones at night. He asks: “How many recognise this borough as a place to be proud of?”

Bailiffs are sent as a last resort

8:34am Friday 26th September 2014

As the Barnet Borough Council officer ultimately responsible for the council’s finances, I would like to reassure readers of two things concerning the council’s use of bailiffs to collect outstanding debts (‘My throat ended up in my stomach’, Hendon Times, September 11).

Political parties use the fear factor

Times Series: Finchley and Golders Green MP Mike Freer has organised the fair

8:32am Friday 26th September 2014

A scaremongering letter sent to me by my Conservative MP Mike Freer warns that my council tax will rise by £1,000 if Labour wins the 2015 election.

Only one donation towards wheelchair

8:30am Friday 26th September 2014

You published an article regarding the plight of Carl Bingham, who was born with cerebral palsy (Give me my freedom’, Times Series, September 4). Carl was looking for donations to help him fund a specially-adapted wheelchair, which would change his life.

She was indeed a forceful lady

4:09pm Thursday 18th September 2014

What a sad, inaccurate and over-written letter from Malcolm Glynn (‘Nation honoured lady for a reason, Your Views, August 28).

We do not need any more cafés

4:07pm Thursday 18th September 2014

Regarding the recently lodged planning application at the former post office at 282 East Barnet Road (Case: B/03369/14) to change its use from a retail store to a mixed-class coffee shop, to date there have been 149 public comments made to Barnet Borough Council’s planning department on this matter.

Difficult to make a worse job

4:04pm Thursday 18th September 2014

At its assets, regeneration & growth committee meeting on September 8, Barnet Borough Council voted to offer the former Church Farmhouse Museum to Middlesex University rent-free, on a seven-year lease, and to contribute £280,000 to the some £500,000 worth of renovations that, largely due to Barnet’s negligence, Middlesex claims are now needed. We don’t know the exact costs, as the financial implications were, as usual, considered in secret.

Infrastructure needs looking at

Times Series:

4:02pm Thursday 18th September 2014

Mayor Boris Johnson recently published his strategy for London in 2050 – a world city of several million more Londoners than now.

Care staff should be respected

4:00pm Thursday 18th September 2014

No one is happy that older residents and people with disabilities may be affected by the dispute over pay cuts for staff in Barnet’s care homes. But making sure our vulnerable neighbours get good quality care has to start with respect and decent pay for the staff who look after them.

Council responsible for difficulties

3:58pm Thursday 18th September 2014

With reference to your article on Your Choice Barnet planned strike action (‘Care workers plan to strike over pay cuts’, Times Series, September 4), it is important to remember that Barnet Borough Council is responsible for the difficulties facing Your Choice Barnet and its care workers.

Making Barnet bee-friendly

Times Series:

3:44pm Monday 15th September 2014

This summer, with bees buzzing busily in our parks and gardens, is a key time to recognise the vital role they play.

Apologise to your neighbours

3:42pm Monday 15th September 2014

I would like to respond to both Martin R Maloney (‘Don’t dismiss other views,’ Your Views, August 21) and Malcolm Glynn (‘Nation honoured lady for a reason’, Your Views, August 28).

Why not pay for parking on exit?

Times Series: Barnet Hospital

3:40pm Monday 15th September 2014

I have twice attended the accident and emergency department at Barnet General Hospital in the past two weeks — once referred by my GP and once by the walk-in centre at Finchley Memorial Hospital.

All that is wrong starts right here

3:37pm Monday 15th September 2014

I am writing regarding two letters printed in the Times Series (‘Sort out this housing crisis’ and ‘Don’t build on leisure space’, Your Views, August 21).

Private rental market is badly broken

4:02pm Thursday 4th September 2014

Barnet made the local and national headlines last week and for all the wrong reasons (‘Tenants crawl to reach rooms’, Times Series, August 28).

Nothing to be ashamed of

Times Series: A council committee is looking at whether or not to introduce more 20mph speed limits across Barnet

4:00pm Thursday 4th September 2014

Let us be quite clear – the attack by Mr Dismore, a Labour want-to-be-MP, on Councillor Hugh Rayner, a Conservative councillor, is no more than a political attack by Labour on the Conservatives, creating a bandwagon for every anti-Conservative blogger and pressure group to climb on.

Alleviating house shortage problem

3:57pm Thursday 4th September 2014

Perhaps some of your correspondents should wake up when observing housing aspects. It is obvious very few, if any, have ever been involved in house construction.

Ice cream vans are big offenders

3:55pm Thursday 4th September 2014

In his letter, Mr Gutmann describes how dozens of vans, lorries, buses and cars needlessly add to the high pollution levels recorded in Barnet because they leave their engines idling (‘Fine drivers who leave cars idling’, Your Views, August 21).

Agreement has been kept secret

3:51pm Thursday 4th September 2014

Within a year a new bilateral trading agreement between the EU and the US may be signed, which will have ominous consequences for all of us – The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Until now, most have never heard of this.

Shame on council for ruining holiday

5:07pm Thursday 28th August 2014

We arrived in London last Tuesday at 3.02pm and by 3.10pm I had my very first parking ticket. Two excited children, luggage and, it would seem, nowhere to park. The first day of our holiday seemed destined to be our last.

Don’t forget the hedgehogs

Times Series:

5:06pm Thursday 28th August 2014

Hedgehogs, like many wildlife species, are declining in numbers due to environmental changes in both rural and urban areas, mostly caused by humans. But you can help the urban scene by doing some simple things around your garden. Hedgehogs are good for the garden because they eat a lot of the creepy crawlies that most of us don’t like, ie. slugs, beetles, earwigs, worms and millipedes, to name but a few. But the hogs can’t get at them if your garden is too tidy, or they can’t move freely from one garden to the next.

Essential for a fair society

5:04pm Thursday 28th August 2014

People in this country are rightly proud of the NHS, and many are angry at the creeping privatisation now being introduced. The service will be further threatened if a trade deal currently being negotiated with the US goes ahead.

Nation honoured lady for a reason

5:03pm Thursday 28th August 2014

I am writing in response to a letter written by Stephen O’Byrne (‘Letter was not patronising’, Your Views, August 7).

Life is precious at any age

5:01pm Thursday 28th August 2014

I am writing in regards to Jim Brightwell’s letter (‘Turning 70 is not good news’, Your Views, August 14).

Revival has been a total failure

5:00pm Thursday 28th August 2014

The well-known retail expert Bill Grimsey has said that Government efforts to revive UK high streets are a resounding failure. Retail space is collapsing, but high streets are not gaining community uses instead.

Information would be most helpful

3:26pm Friday 22nd August 2014

We are writing to appeal for information about an attempted break-in and assault that happened at approximately 2pm on August 4 in North Finchley. We would like to thank those that came to our aid, in particular a young gentleman who tried to stop the assailant from running away.

Don’t build on leisure space

3:24pm Friday 22nd August 2014

Fairview portrays itself as a housing development company made of moral and ethical dreams. Their website states: “It makes perfect sense to reclaim brownfield sites”, these being “existing urban land that has fallen into disuse” so they can “preserve our precious landscape”. So how do Fairview justify building 135 housing units for hobbits on the Hendon Football Club (HFC) site? Easy. Just re-label it a brownfield site.

Don’t dismiss other views

Times Series: Margaret Thatcher

3:20pm Friday 22nd August 2014

I’m sorry my letter annoyed Mr Stephen O’Byrne so much (‘Letter was not patronising’, Your Views, August 7).

Park’s condition is a health issue

3:19pm Friday 22nd August 2014

I am writing to bring the public’s attention to the worsening condition of Sunnyhill Park.

Fine drivers who leave cars idling

3:18pm Friday 22nd August 2014

Barnet Borough Council continues to fail to act on existing legislation to fine drivers who leave their engines idling when parked.

Speed limit cut is very welcome

3:17pm Friday 22nd August 2014

Transport for London (TfL) recently announced that the speed limit on the A1 Barnet Bypass between Rowley Lane and Courtland Road will be cut from 70mph to 50mph later this summer.

Sort out this housing crisis

3:15pm Friday 22nd August 2014

Housing is an emotive word and it should be; it is imperative for our survival. Lately, it has also become a political hot potato, with our local and national politicians constantly talking about a housing crisis. Their response to the problem is to talk about the number of housing units to be built over the next few decades. But merely talking figures is not enough. To devise a truly intelligent plan to cope with this crisis we must seriously consider other aspects of our housing problem, such as cost, size, outdoor space and of course, people.

A representative of the people?

Times Series: Finchley and Golders Green MP Mike Freer has organised the fair

4:31pm Thursday 14th August 2014

MP for Golders Green and Finchley Mike Freer was due to meet his constituents at an event scheduled for Monday, July 28, to take place at the New North London Synagogue. The meeting was cancelled at the last minute.

Turning 70 is not good news

4:29pm Thursday 14th August 2014

I reach 70 this week, an age I have not been looking forward to. Getting to 60 was great as I had free eye tests and prescriptions, reduced entry to most events, and, best of all, free travel around London.

No practical difference

4:27pm Thursday 14th August 2014

I may be “one of those people who do not understand the area code system” (‘Some people do not understand’, Your Views, July 24), but isn’t Mr Shillibeer being unnecessarily pedantic?

More reason to quote area code

4:26pm Thursday 14th August 2014

Mr Shillibeer is quite right to bemoan the ignorance of those who will not use the correct London area code of 020 (‘Some people do not understand’, Your Views, July 24).

Take your head out of the sand

4:24pm Thursday 14th August 2014

“Allowing greater flexibility so you can turn often empty office space into housing is right”, so says the Prime Minister when he was asked about his Government’s policy, which is leading to the closure of 150 businesses and the loss of hundreds of jobs in Premier House, Edgware (‘Prime Minister discusses issues affecting borough’, Times Series, August 1). His comments show how the Conservatives do not care a jot about small business.

Critique not easy to shrug off

4:20pm Thursday 14th August 2014

Congratulations to Mr Elliot Moore for achieving that rare thing: a letter to a newspaper which one can imagine making a difference (‘MP was extremely patronising’, Your Views, July 31).

Obscene amount spent on housing

4:19pm Thursday 14th August 2014

Your newspaper reports David Cameron’s visit to Barnet in which he alludes to “the high-spending, high-taxing and high-borrowing past” (Prime Minister discusses issues affecting borough’, Times Series, July 31).

Can you name these players?

Times Series:

4:43pm Thursday 7th August 2014

Are there any readers able to name the players in this photograph?

Researching my family history

4:38pm Thursday 7th August 2014

Can any of your readers help me? I am doing some research into my family history.

Letter was not patronising

Times Series: Margaret Thatcher

4:36pm Thursday 7th August 2014

I write in response to Martin R Maloney’s letter (‘Not everyone feels the same’, Your Views, July 24). Having spoken to many Finchley residents since the publication of my letter (‘Saddened by naming request’, Your Views, July 10), I have yet to encounter anyone who found it insulting or patronising in the slightest. Quite the opposite in fact. That said, I would rigorously defend my comments regardless, in the street or in print.

Hospital service was excellent

Times Series: Open day held at new Finchley Memorial Hospital

4:33pm Thursday 7th August 2014

I would like to provide some positive feedback about treatment at Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust.

I would rather a quiet bridge

4:30pm Thursday 7th August 2014

Contemplating a new garden bridge across the Thames, Mayor Boris Johnson said: “I would rather have a quiet garden bridge than one where pedestrians feel they constantly have to whisk round to watch out for a cyclist.”

Changes will not happen soon

4:29pm Thursday 7th August 2014

Hendon’s Conservative MP Matthew Offord attempts to put a positive spin on Govia taking over the Thameslink line (‘Good news for local people’, Your Views, July 17), but it will be years before any difference is likely to be seen in the frequency and capacity of the service.

A short history of telephone codes

4:27pm Thursday 7th August 2014

Further to William F Shillibeer’s letter (‘Some people do not understand’, Your Views, July 24) here is a short history of the changes to London telephone numbers.

Remember the victims

4:24pm Thursday 7th August 2014

On Saturday, August 9, 2014, at 11am, people in Barnet will remember the victims of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

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