Anthony Joshua heralded the start of a new era of heavyweight boxing by dramatically knocking out Wladimir Klitschko in 11 rounds last night.

Making the third defence of his IBF title, the 27-year-old Watford-born fighter also became the WBA champion after recovering from the first knockdown of his career to impressively win at Wembley Stadium.

Here is a round-by-round look at the how the fight played out.

ROUND 1: Both men were intent on finding their range with the jab for much of the round. Joshua had the edge in speed. Klitschko was content to control the middle of the ring while Joshua searched for opportunities to counter and managed to land a right hand - the most telling punch of the round. Joshua 10 Klitschko 9

ROUND 2: Klitschko immediately sprang out of the corner and landed a swift right. But Joshua answered with a lead right which caught the attention of the Ukrainian. The 41-year-old was coming forward, showing more intent than in his last defeat to Tyson Fury. Close but Joshua takes it on activity. Joshua 20 Klitschko 18

ROUND 3: Joshua began to impose himself on his opponent and went on the front foot as an uppercut and hook pushed Klitschko backwards. Klitschko continued to paw out and jab feints but with nothing coming behind it. Joshua 30 Klitschko 27

ROUND 4: A right-hand-left-hook combination from Joshua brought the crowd to its feet, although it did not land cleanly. A looping right landed on the ear of Klitschko. The Ukrainian landed a nice left-right combination but Joshua looked the better of the two. Joshua 40 Klitschko 36

ROUND 5: Joshua came out all guns blazing and stunned Klitschko with a looping left hook during a furious melee and dropped the former heavyweight champion. Joshua, though, punches himself out as Klitschko, who seemed to suffer a cut to his left eye, used all of his experience to weather the storm. With Joshua gasping for air, Klitschko went on the offensive and finished the round strong. Joshua 50 Klitschko 44

ROUND 6: Klitschko smelled blood and buckled the legs of Joshua with a powerful right hand which put the younger fighter on the canvas for the first time in his career. Joshua bravely got up but Klitschko took his time and landed cleanly throughout. Joshua 58 Klitschko 54

ROUND 7: Respecting the power of Joshua, Klitschko steadily stays on the front foot and pushed the wounded IBF heavyweight champion back. Joshua gamely stayed out of range but Klitschko looked the fresher of the two. Joshua 67 Klitschko 64

ROUND 8: Joshua entered unknown territory in the eighth and still looked exhausted. The Briton threw a lunging right as Klitschko took his time and waited for the opportunity to land the knockout blow that could have seen him reclaim the heavyweight championship. Joshua 76 Klitschko 74

ROUND 9: Klitschko continued to control the tempo, not wasting any punches but Joshua, despite suffering from the knockdown in round six, was still dangerous and landed a left hook. Joshua 85 Klitschko 84

ROUND 10: Joshua slowly regained his senses and went on the offensive, with both men looking visibly tired. A swift right-hand counter caught the attention of Joshua late in the round as Klitschko stayed in command. Joshua 94 Klitschko 94

ROUND 11: A stinging right hand from Joshua momentarily buckled the legs of Klitschko as the 27-year-old mounted a comeback. Joshua sensationally found a surge and landed a beautiful uppercut followed by a barrage of punches to put the Ukrainian down for the second time in the fight. Klitschko showed heart to get back up but went down again after another Joshua onslaught. Klitschko, somehow, got up but Joshua jumped all over the former champion and the referee stopped the fight. JOSHUA WINS BY 11TH-ROUND TKO