The wheels are turning for an in-door cycling revolution as bike enthusiasts help raise money for charity.

The CycleZone Studio in Battlers Green Farm are championing a new safer form of cycling accessible for everyone.

The final leg of the European Schwinnathon was run by the instructors from Radlett and held in the Westminster Lodge, Holywell Hill in St Albans.

More than 135 enthusiasts took part in the eight-hour event on Saturday, April 22 to raise thousands of pounds for various charities.

Founder Angela Carlucci, 49, started using Schwinn indoor cycling techniques after she discovered she had a tumour in her knee which meant she could no longer do boxcercise to keep fit.

The grandmother said: “Schwinn cycling is different to spin as you make sure that you are riding safely without losing any intensity.

“The master instructors spend years getting their qualifications to lead classes and came from all over Europe to attend the event, which was a big drawer to many people.

“I hope to get 200 bikes for next year, as we had people watching us cycle this year wishing that they had signed up.”

The Schwinn equipment for the event was donated by Core Health and Fitness to ensure that there were 100 bikes available for people to take part.

Angela spent four months putting the playlist together for the hour-long session she led as instructors find music to fit their classes rather than the other way around.

More than £1,000 was raised for the Salvation Army where Angela works, and the Royal National Orthapaedic Hospital, while other participants raised money for other causes close to their hearts.

As well as fundraising for good causes, the exercise class is also helping people directly by getting them back in the bike-saddle.

Angela said: “We have one customer that suffers with Parkinsons who come in two to three times a week, and swears by it.

“People ask me if they are too old to take part, but I tell them that I am a grandmother and my business partner Stefano Ruggeri is 63, so no one is too old for Schwinn.

“My mantra is exercise is medicine.”