A campaign to build a three-classroom campus has been slammed for not meeting the needs of a community.

The application for a four-storey building to be erected on Todd Close, Borehamwood will house 12 flats as well as the satellite site for Oaklands College.

Developers Taylor Wimpey are waiting for a decision from Hertsmere Borough Council to build on the land previously owned by the college.

Labour leader for Hertsmere Cllr Michelle Vince said: “It is a shame as parts of Borehamwood are areas of deprivation and funding has gone into other towns.

“Kids in St Albans can walk to their college, our kids need to get public transport or to drive or to be taken there and we do not have the college that we need in our community.

“Once that land has gone we will never get a college back, and the education plan for this space will have gone to dust.”

The plans have previously come under fire by a residents’ group who want to preserve the solitary 300-square-metre patch of green space in the estate.

The development just off the Elstree Way corridor of social housing and privately owned homes was created six years ago.

Cllr Vince added: “As much as the residents will be deprived of a green space, our community is being deprived of a college and I think we need it more than ever.”

Corporate Communications Manager Cath Shepherd said: “The comments that have been received from residents and other agencies as part of that process will now be considered prior to a decision being reached (scheduled for 9 August).

“We always consider all relevant planning policies and a range of other matters before reaching a decision about any planning application.”

Director of student experience Sean Scully said: "As part of the development plans for the new campus we have researched the local need, met with key stakeholders such as Youth Connexions and taken on board their feedback.

“We feel that the solution we have is fit for purpose and the mixture of flexible classroom and workshop space will help meet the local need.

“We will also offer apprenticeships from this new building which will benefit local employers and ensure greater utilisation of the new campus.

“We will also support students from the local community in their progression to our larger campuses nearby as many already do, where they can access the full provision."

Taylor Wimpey spokesman Annabelle Harper said: “Our proposals for an education facility on land to the north of Elstree Way have been prepared in partnership with Oaklands College to meet their specific identified needs.”

For more information visit www.hertsmere.gov.uk or email planning@hertsmere.gov.uk with reference number 17/0899/FUL.