A studio is expanding to meet demand to film things on both the silver and small screens.

Elstree Studios have been given permission to build a new stage, and is trying to find more areas that can be used for production space, including more stages.

There was a record number of film and television productions shot last year and the as-yet unbuilt stage has already been booked out for future projects.

Storage space at the facility has already been moved to meet the demand for more workshops and production offices on site.

A wide variety of shows are filmed at the site, from adverts and panel shows to dramas and feature films. Big Brother has expanded the village within the studio with two extra stages and a renovated auditorium.

The first series of critically acclaimed Netflix drama The Crown also benefitted from improvements at the studio as it was filmed on the new backlot as well as other more established stages.

The partnership between Elstree Studios and BBC Studioworks in 2013 has meant that the studios are big enough to cater for high rating shows with large audiences like Strictly Come Dancing and Britain’s Got Talent.

Managing Director of Elstree Studios, Roger Morris, said: “We already have clients who wish to use the first new stage once it is built. I hope it will become the best multipurpose film and TV stage in the UK.”