LIVE music, workshops and seminars are some of the highlights of a weekend of events next month at Wembley Stadium for Black History Month.

Black History Live, a new event for this year’s celebrations will be held at the stadium on Saturday, October 1, and Sunday, October 2.

Staff from the Harrow Times, Enfield Independent and Haringey Independent will also be there as part of the Don’t Carry, Don’t Kill anti-knife crime campaign.

The campaign backs Harrow East MP Bob Blackman’s call to extend new sentencing powers for a six-month mandatory jail sentence for those caught with a knife under 18.

Seminar highlights of Black History Live include Jean-Robert Cadet, a former Restavec, or Haitian child slave, who now spends his time campaigning against slavery will be giving a reading and talk.

Award-winning flautist Keith Waithe will bring 300 flutes to play a mixture of classical, jazz, African, Caribbean, Asian and Western music.

Church Boyz will transport their audience back to the Forties, Fifties and Sixties, when the first West Indian immigrants came over to Britain, through performance and song.

Young visitors to Black History Live will have their own area with dance, performance, and arts and crafts on offer.

Street dance troupe ZooNation will spend time teaching people hip-hop moves and SDF Dance Academy will teach a child-friendly Zumba class, dancing to hip-hop and reggaeton.

Storytelling and arts and crafts will be used by Lighthouse Children’s Workshop to explore different cultural backgrounds.

As well as this the Football Association will be giving attendees the chance to meet some sporting heroes. The RAF Museum will pay tribute to pilots who came across from the Caribbean and fought in the world wars.

Also, Centerprise Bookshop will be hosting an event with visits from authors including Felicity Okolo, Trina John-Charles and Adafa Nimruwd Nicol-El.

Black History Live will be held on Saturday, October 1, between 10am to 6pm and Sunday, October 2, between 10am and 5pm.

Organiser Shelley Williams said: "Wembley Stadium is such a fantastic and iconic venue to hold the weekend of events.

"It has great links with the area and we are very happy we can be there.

"Compared to other venues it has lots of parking and I know that has encouraged people from across the country from places like Birmingham and the home counties to want to come down and visit.

"We are going to have a wide range of seminars and activities for young and old.

"To learn about your roots is vital so we will focus on young people to help them learn about their heritage.

"Another aspect we will be looking at is inviting people from top universities in the country so young people can find out about their opportunities in the future.

"We hope as many people as possible can come along as it is an important event and we are very happy the Harrow Times and its sister newspapers are there to support us."

Tickets for adults is £6 and children under 14 go in for free.

For more information or to buy tickets go to